Sunday, December 7, 2014

10 websites that help Java developers daily.

Though there are hell number of web sites on Internet, when it really need we end up with few sites that really helps. In my experience I found the below websites to crack my problems really quick and I use them regular to solve my problems. On top of learning from book and reading official documentation, I found below sites are very handy in my daily job.

When ever I feel like something crazy going on or whenever I have a question like "why this happening like this", immediately go to the language specification and refer the topic for clarity before jumping into Google. 

Though I rarely use it , this is the official forum for Java where you can share your technical problems either by question or answering and can participate in discussions.

Writing code doesn't make you a programmer. Writing good code do that. When ever I start writing code on a new topic, the first thing I do is to go for this site and search for that practice to know what to do and what not to do. Since object oriented programming is easy to use, we easily do mistakes. This site helps you to learn good practices.

Stackoverflow site is a part of  world's largest Q&A site Stackexachange. I use  almost everyday to ask/answer questions there. It not only solves your problem but it explore the problems that fellow programmers facing. The place for Java developers to gather on stackoverlow ocean is Java tagged questions

(My profile on stack, if you want to visit)

Another website in StackExachange network, which is useful for code review. When you have no seniors around to review your code or if you want an expert suggestions on code blocks you wrote, go ahead and post it here. I'm sure that you get your answer and suggestions in minutes form experts.

Another good website for Java folks. You can either share your code pieces with community or a just Q&A topic. After stackoverflow this would be the choice to get a potential answer from Java experts.

If we are not updating with time we are no more in this field. When I'm free, I just go through this site and I browse the newly emerging techniques, frameworks and articles written by experts related to Java. Good part is that, you can share your own blogpost's there to the world.

It's almost a Google search for Java classes. If you have a class name and you don't have the Jar related to it, just open this site and paste your class name. Hold it tight for 2 sec, you got the all the Jar's related to that class. Just choose your jar and proceed. This is very useful when dependent jars are missing and you are facing ClassNotFoundException.

Best site to see source code from a .class file. This is actually a Java decompiler project. This project have plugins for almost all popular IDE's and the reason for mentioning here is, it have a on-line decompiler. You just drag and drop your class file and see the source code immediately.

This is another site I use very frequently to show some running code online or to show some compiling errors to other persons. It is not possible to tell some problems without proof. I just copy paste my code there and run it. It even generate a link for you to use in future. Most beautiful thing  here is you can select JDK version. When you want to execute some piece of code in some other JDK which you are not using currently, this site is gold for you.

Another better site to resolve your daily coding problems. There are 2 parts in this site basically. First thing is that the wide range range of it's tutorials and articles on different Java frameworks. Second is it's solutions for the exceptions and errors a Java developer facing. Though it is providing good and quick solutions, I don't like those solutions without proper explanations.

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