Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Who are you ?? Coder ? Developer ? Programmer? or an Engineer ??

Ah the same question is back.

In my early days of job I used to call my self as a developer since the offer letter designated me as junior software developer :P. Later I shifted my workplace and now the offer letter saying Software Programmer :P. And recently got promoted as Senior Software Engineer as well. The above all are my designations and I'm still facing issues to find what is my actual designation.

And when someone asked the question, "Hey, what you are doing??" the same question, I confuse for 1 minute and slowly reveal the fact that "I'm working on Java", of course not for Oracle ;). After some days I fed up and decided to find the difference between these words and found something in my learning.

Basically Coder just codes the logic and he don't know the logic of the program but knows the syntax of the language being used in the context(doesn't mean that he can't think :) ). Someone define the business logic, someone think the program aka Flowchart for that business logic and provides to the coder. He just codes it. Nothing else.

Where as Programmer actually provides the logic to coder so that coders write the computer instructions to make it work as the program behaves. If the coder do some mistakes while coding it, the program failed to get the desired behavior. If the coder succeed and the program failed to behave nicely, the programmer failed here.

 Developer is a person who not only codes, but who also participate in all the stages of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). Till now I don't know this fact and I'm in a assumption that a developer is the person who only codes or program. But that is a wrong assumption. Even who tests the program or writes the test scenarios are also developers. They are also part of software development.

An Engineer is the term used at top level and everyone who mentioned above is an Engineer with having some extra activities like design (business level) and maintenance as well. So more responsible person than above mentioned jargon's :P.

So I finally summarized myself as

An Engineer who involves in coding and trying to become a Programmer to develop a software :)

Hey, by the way who are you ? ;)


  1. when i read ur opinion i just confused what i want to do on my carrier why becasue i am fresher...now onwords my goal is know about "Who am I" ...

  2. Me too!. I like your expression: " An Engineer who involves in coding and trying to become a Programmer to develop a software"