Saturday, August 2, 2014

Why do I use extensively.

How do you manage work and together??
Are you the only guy who use this much ??
Don't you have life ?? Why don't you enjoy dude??
What the heck you are getting back from ??
Why you so much desperate about
Don't you have life ?? Get some.


Oooooooppaaa..... these are the questions I face regularly from my very well wishers and ofcourse I never reply them :P. I hope they read the below quote and realise why I'm using this much.

To know, is to know that you know nothing. That is the meaning of true knowledge.
Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.

Yes. That is the reason. I may not getting in terms of money or something else. But tons of Confidence...Yes Confidence.

In my early days of programming, I'm just scared of touching code and used to wait for a senior guy to do modifications. The only reason for that is lack of confidence. Only reason for that is not aware of the things that code does.

I used to search in Google for my coding issues and always gets stackoverflow results in first lines. I never bothered what this site do and just took the code I wanted and I'm done. Later I found this is useful to get the knowledge and to seek the help from the fellow programmer. 

After spending a lot of time by seeing tho others questions and answers, I created an account and started asking my own questions slowly. Once I stepped into and seeing the kind of questions people asking, makes me realize that I'm not at all a programmer. I found myself, in this programming world I'm a ZERO. I'm far behind in knowing things and started exploring myself the way people suggesting and observing the answers providing. After posting some questions got some confidence to answer some easy questions which I came through. Now I'm daily contributing and learning to the site to improvise myself. In this process I learn many things. 

1) Troubleshooting.
2) Debugging with eye ;)
3) New frameworks that are people updating to.
4) How to ask a programming question properly.
5) How to give a direct answer to the question.
6) How to argue in a descent manner.
7) Like this I can write minimum 100 things....Most important thing is 

I met super programmers on and had a conversation with them as well. Do you ??   

Believe it or not, I have more friends on than in my real life: ). My programming day starts with opening and spend some time seeing some new programming questions related to my favorite programming language. And then I start working. Later on hourly basis I'l open for some refreshment. I may question,answer,comment,moderate,argue. Ah what not ..I do almost everything there. That's my kind of fun with that site and it 's part my working life.

Thanks to @Paresh Mayani, the guy who inspired me to enter into stack. And It gave me few good friends so far like A.R, Maroun, Grijesh, Subrajyothi, Dharam ....and the list goes on.

Thanks to Stack Exchange, for everything.

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  1. I am glad! Though I need not to say but still keep doing as same.